I had my Uni interview today and I think it went super well. I'll find out in the next 2 weeks! Eeek. It was so scary.

I've started putting some of my stuff on fleabay. Here's one thing. I have a zillion things to put on Ebay so I'm gonna crack on at the weekend probably.

I feel really useless. I have to tidy my flat but I have nooo energy. I'm just loafing on the sofa. I think it's because the light bulb in here isn't very bright. I know that sounds a bit weird, but I find that when I'm in a well lit room I feel energised and if its dull, i feel dull!



  1. i just came across your blog, it is really quite nice! you have great style and i love your hair!!
    im glad your interview went well!


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