I have an Uni interview on Thursday (to study Fashion Promotion) and I'm dying of panic. Is this outfit okay to wear do you think? Is the shortness of the skirt trashy? or fash[ion]y?



Opinions please!!

Isn't the skirt a dream? You cant really see it because, as ever, of the dire quality of my photography. I searched h&m's globally for it and found it in sizes 10, 14 and 16. My friend who works in h&m finally found it for me in a 12 before xmas and I only got it yesterday because that was the first time I saw her since before xmas! I love it.

Do you think I should brighten the outfit up with some yellow wedges (see below posts, they're probably there somewhere). I want to reflect my personal style. Not too much of course. Don't think they'd appreciate me wandering in in my umbrella raincoat and cat jumper.



  1. I'd vote for something a wee bit more serious.

  2. Thanks for your input! It is a fashion college so I think they are more open to different styles. I'm going to wear specs too so I look more studious ;-)

  3. some of my lectures are with 'fashion and textile retailing' and i had my open day at the textiles school, so i went all decked out in a viktor and rolf shirt, high waisted jeans and booties (just like your ones!) and when i arrived- omg, it was uggs, bootcut jeans and plain jumpers/tshirts everywhere. seriously i was like huhhhhh i thought everyone would be into fashion!!!
    definitely go with your own style, i like the outfit you've picked, accessorize it to make it your own and it's perfect! i guess just imagine if you were the interviewer and you'd want someone who looked studious but still with their own style. you'll be fabulous, there will be no one more fashionable than you- and make sure you say you have a fashion website, they'll love that! argh sorry for the essay! good luck!

  4. i love love love that top. so cute.

    i think that the outfit looks very classy and sophisticated.


  5. Thanks for the feedback, dudettes! I went with this outfit in the end. xx

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