Busy busy

Sorry I've not been blogging a lot lately. I've had a lot on my plate, and have been really lacking outfit-inspiration lately. I hope I snap out of it! My cat Roxy's kitties are due any day now so I'm really anxious! I hope she's gonna be okay..

In other news, I went to the cinema with my pal Katie the other day and saw Juno. It was awesome! Great soundtrack too. I haven't seen a film that good in ages! Well apart from Disturbia, that was majorly fab. So I recommend Juno to you guys!

Also, Alex got an Xbox360 which I've been playing on lots. My bro got a free game called Viva Pinata with his Xbox and he gave it to me. It's so cool. You basically have to make this garden all pretty and attract lots of animals and make them have babies! A far cry from the mass slaughter that goes on when Alex plays on the Xbox! So if any of you have Viva Pinata on Xbox360, let me know and we can trade gifts and stuff!

Did I mention I got into Uni? I can't remember, and cant be bothered to read back through posts! I'm happy about getting in but am now stressed about loans and where to live, and if they'll let me have my cat, etc.! Hopefully everything will be fine.

Well I hope to get back to blogging more regularly very soon. Maybe I need a shopping spree to inspire me.. That usually works!



New pin!

I found this super cute nautical pin in Snoopers Paradise in Brighton. It has 1 or 2 dangly bits missing but i love it all the same! It has stars, skulls, crosses and a boat steering wheel (i'm sure it has a proper name but i don't know it. Sorry!) I'm going to see Tonight Is Goodbye in Brighton tonight. Cant wait. They're pals with my boyfriend so we're getting in free which is fab! I just ate loads of kfc and now feel rotund. x


Valentines DIY

Yay it's Valentine's day!! I got chocs, a rose and a cute card from the beau. We just ate Chinese and I feel sick.

I bought my boyf a huge box of his favourite brand and flavour of crisps (Jonathan Crisp - Jalapeno Pepper, if anyone's interested!) I also got him some chilli seeds and a heart shaped mug to grow them in. Finally, I made him a wallet out of duct tape! It's awesome, if I may say so myself. I just feel so proud!

Here it is in the making process:

Here is the final product!

It seems so durable! I put the rail ticket in for the purpose of taking a pic because you couldn't really see the pockets due to my rubbish camera. It took about 45mins but now I now how would probably only take 25 minutes. The tape only cost £1 so it's a really cool one of a kind gift.

I also experimented with making a duct tape rose but didn't have green tape to make a stem so just made the head:

Cute, huh?

I love DIY-ing.


Pregnant Roxy update - Kitties due in about a week! Me and Alex could feel them kicking earlier!


I was in a dressy mood yesterday.

Dress - New lok
Belt - Free with a mag
Top - Primark
Leggings - h&m
Necklace - a zoo gift shop




I had my Uni interview today and I think it went super well. I'll find out in the next 2 weeks! Eeek. It was so scary.

I've started putting some of my stuff on fleabay. Here's one thing. I have a zillion things to put on Ebay so I'm gonna crack on at the weekend probably.

I feel really useless. I have to tidy my flat but I have nooo energy. I'm just loafing on the sofa. I think it's because the light bulb in here isn't very bright. I know that sounds a bit weird, but I find that when I'm in a well lit room I feel energised and if its dull, i feel dull!



Panty power!

I've become very disillusioned when it comes to buying underwear of late. I used to get so excited whenever I found a new pair of frilly/silky/bow-adorned knickers and I'd snap them up instantaneously! But nowadays I just wonder what the point is in spending my precious pennies on something that will be hidden from the world. It's like whenever I see manky Chicken in the reduced section at Tesco that nobody is going to buy - it lived its life in vain, never to be enjoyed! Maybe this is how undies feel - desperately hoping a stripper or glamour model will buy them so their beauty can be shared with the world, not hidden away like a dirty secret. Although there is probably some doubt as to whether a strip club audience or glamour model's spectatorship are actually paying attention to the underwear.

Superman and Co had the right idea. Sienna Miller was also on the right track. Why don't we wear out underthings over our clothes? It doesn't have to look ridiculous. Perhaps if styled in a non-trashy way, layered appropriately, it could even take off? I played dress-up with this idea in mind and here is the outcome:

Maybe its not particularly suitable for a trip to the supermarket but on a night out it could be a rather fun look. Or even just parading about in the comfort of your own home! So if there are any undie-lovers that feel the same, I say lets dare to be different. Parade your panties!



I have an Uni interview on Thursday (to study Fashion Promotion) and I'm dying of panic. Is this outfit okay to wear do you think? Is the shortness of the skirt trashy? or fash[ion]y?



Opinions please!!

Isn't the skirt a dream? You cant really see it because, as ever, of the dire quality of my photography. I searched h&m's globally for it and found it in sizes 10, 14 and 16. My friend who works in h&m finally found it for me in a 12 before xmas and I only got it yesterday because that was the first time I saw her since before xmas! I love it.

Do you think I should brighten the outfit up with some yellow wedges (see below posts, they're probably there somewhere). I want to reflect my personal style. Not too much of course. Don't think they'd appreciate me wandering in in my umbrella raincoat and cat jumper.