Puppies first walk!

The puppies had their first walk today and it was quite the family affair. My brother managed to drag himself from the Xbox and my sis managed to surgically extract herself from the laptop. They were shaking with fear when we got outside (the puppies, not my siblings! Haha) but then they got into the swing of it. So cute!

That's them taking me and my sister for a sprint!

Smiley Dexter!

Me and my Bro.

Lola, Dexter and I having a rest!

Regular readers may notice that the puppies names changed. This decision was very much against my will! Me and my mum called them Bumble & Bee, but my brother and sister intervened!

I was dressed pretty trampy today because I knew it would be a bit of a muddy affair taking the dogs to the park. I wore an old Topshop sweater, h&m Parka, h&m skinny cords and Converse.

They slept allll afternoon when we got back! Bless 'em.



  1. I don't know what is more adorable, the puppies or your outfit. Sorry, must err in favor of the puppies.

  2. ohhhhh they are the cutest. i like bumble and bee, personally.


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