Make-up and other cosmeticy stuff (WARNING: lots of waffling on)

First of all, some apologies:

1, Sorry for the shit title! It's late and I'm sleepy and a bit sick. I have an upset tummy after eating cauliflower cheese. I overloaded the cheese because I am an over-indulging pig and now I feel gross. Anyway!

2, Sorry some of the below pics aren't rotated. Cant be bothered (see above reason)!

3. Sorry The below post goes on and on and is probably riddled with spelling/grammatical errors. I am intelligent, honest. Just really tired and ill (see above)!

The show must go on.

Upon reading Flying Saucer's blog (flyingsaucer.typepad.com) (Cant figure out how to insert link) about make up, it made me think about my love of make up and cosmetics and I thought I'd share some of my essential items.

I really love to make a statement with my make up. On a boring day, I just wear Foundation, Cheek Tint, Eyeliner, Mascara and Liquid eyeliner. But I love nothing more than slapping on the eyeshadow in a generally garish fashion. I often do so when I'm supposed to be tidying or something. Make up is my greatest procrastination tool!

In this pic are:

H&M Eyeshadow palette: Turquoise is my fave and purple too. Nice when I feel like making a statement with my peepers.

Collection 2000 Pink Eyeshadow: As above

Barry M Turquoise eyeshadow: More shimmery than the h&m one

Prestige Eyeliner Pencil: A very bold black (not like the shitty diluted rimmel eyeliner) and very long-lasting

Rimmel Exaggeration (or something) liquid eyeliner: this is quite easy to apply, which is a rare occurrence for me and liquid eyeliners. I usually get through about 8 cotton buds per eye from correcting my mistakes! I only get through about 3 per eye with this. Haha!

Benefit Illuminating liquid: A godsend! Really makes your face look all lovely. that's the only way I can describe it to you. I'm not feeling very linguistically creative tonight (although that term suggests otherwise)!

Benetint - Lovely cheek tint. Looks very natural. Shit as a lip tint, though. I used to see benefit cosmetics through rose-tinted specs but have grown to accept that they have their flaws!

Benefit playsticks foundation - This is good, but less is more. Can look a bit caked on if you go wild with it.

Bourjois Coup De Theatre Mascara - This is amazing. People ask me if I have fake eyelashes on when I wear this. I then spread the good word of this mascara. It's fab! And fun to apply! (Small things amuse small minds).

Onto my cleansing ritual. I used to religiously cleanse tone and moisturise using some No. 7 stuff for oily skin (I hate that term. Makes me think of seagulls after an oil spill. Conjurs up images of me scrubbing my skin with washing up liquid trying to rid myself of the vile, incessant oil!) Jesus I really am tired (not to mention mentally warped). Moving on. It basically didn't do what it said on the tin, so I turned to the FAR cheaper and less time-consuming ritual of:

Clean and Clear Cleansing lotion, oil (*shudder*) free moisturiser, and clinique spot zapping stuff.

It's great and about a tenth of the price of overrated No 7. No faffing with cleanser and toner. It's all in one. Fab! Now I am generally spot-free, and clinique is on hand should one arise!

Hair time. I have Platinum hair which can be a bit frizzy due to chemical abuse. I found this lovely product reduced in boots from about £6 to £1.50! It says for 'mature' hair. But has worked literal wonders on my frazzled immature hair.

Trevor Sorbie Moisturing Cream Serum. It smells so yummy too.

Speaking of smells, onto my scent! I recently bought this Dior Pure Poison set. I wasn't overly fussed about the smell of the perfume (it's pleasant but not amaaazing), but HAD to have it because it comes with an adorable miniature bottle for your handbag! Too cute. It cost £40 with my discount at Debenhams. Prior to my discount it was £47 reduced from £71! I have expensive taste!

Well that's about it now. I hadn't intended to waffle quite so much. Anyone that's made it this far deserves a gold star! You're wonderful.

Bon soir people. Thanks for reading my nonsensical blog(s) xxxxxxxxx


  1. Have you use The body shop's lip and cheek tint? I felt that its better~

  2. fashion tidbits -
    If only html worked in these comments because I could genuinely give you a gold star! * <-- there's a shoddy black one, if its any consolation! x

    youbuyyouwear - I bought it for a friend as a gift but i've never tried it myself. Certainly looks easier to apply! x


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