Legs eleven

That's mine and alex's legs. We went to the housing benefit place because he's a rockstar thus has no "job", and i don't work many hours. Not very glam, i know! But hey, if someone's gonna pay my rent, i'm all for it! My puppy-claw-ravaged leggings are h&m as are shoes (i'm a bit of a one shoe pony of late). Alex wears levi jeans and macbeths. Sorry for this long paragraph, texting from phone. Night night x


  1. dayyummm i just LOVE those leggings!! and how do you do blogger from your phone? that seems awfully useful....

  2. I think only some phones have it. When you take a pic, go to 'send' and it should have a 'pot to blog' thing. If not, your phone cant do it :-(

    It's so useful. Can only post one pic though. And cant do paragraphs!


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