Out for Dinner

Me and Alex went to our fave restaurant tonight. I wore my pink h&m shirt, black charity shop dress, grey primark tights & new look wedges. Faux leather jacket from Primark. Swallow necklace from h&m.


Not a lot of style to report today

I started a new job today. The uniform consists of a bright blue polo shirt and baggy cardigan (it was either that or a FLEECE). Its in a schoolwear shop. Hence no outfit pics today! I don't want to embarrass you and I both.

I am watching TV with Alex in my lovely Harajuku Lovers PJ Pants which he got me last xmas.

Granny slippers are from Primark :)

Alex wanted to be featured in the blog tonight so here he is:

Hairband - Stolen from me.
Mushroom head - Model's own

Haha bless him.

Bon soir xxx


Rainy day

I'm dressed trampy again today because it's rainy and I couldn't be bothered to wear anything interesting just to go to Sainsbury's in! I'm sleepy because I had work at 7.30am today. On a sunday. Despicable. Not for long though, I start a new job next week!

The upside of vile shitty rainy windy crap crap weather, is that I get to wear my raincoat with umbrellas all over! It's h&m. I love it. I had to scour 4 h&m's to find it. Firstly Canterbury, then 3 in Paris and finally found it in Brighton which is my 'local' h&m (about 45 mins on train)! Don't know why I didn't look there first! It was funny because in one of the h&m's in Paris, I saw a girl wearing it. I went up to her (I speak no french) and took a gamble. I said "do you speak english?" And she did, and I thought 'Yippee she can finally tell me where to get this coat!" I asked where she got it and she said she got it on holiday in Bulgaria!! My hope died. But I saw the funny side! Hope you enjoyed that accidental poem there.

So here is todays rather uninspiring outfit (besides said raincoat):
Sorry for pic quality, I took the first one in the mirror (so no flash) and in our poorly lit hall!

Ropey grey and black baseball shirt - charity shop
Skinnies - h&m
Skull & crossbones belt - h&m
Wellies - random cheap shoe shop
Charcoal hoodie - h&m

Here is my beloved:



DIY tee

Here's my camo button tee, Mark Stevens-Ellis stylee. I made it last year before I saw MS-E's stuff, so it was original at the time!

Roxy tried to hog the limelight:

I kicked her out the way (forgot to rotate this, apologies to your necks):

Up close:

It took quite a while to make, cos I had to take the shirt in, etc. Then the first time I washed it it shrunk!! So now I can only wear it if I have a strapless top or something over the top or my beer belly hangs out slightly. Well, it's more of a cheese belly I suppose. I love cheese. I'd get a cheese tattoo. Well, thats expensive so maybe I could make a Cathedral City Cheddar stencil and customise a shirt with it. I'm ranting. It must be cheese withdrawal. I'm off to remedy it!


Je suis scruffy

I'm feeling a bit scruffy today on account I've not washed my hair in a few days so i've dressed to fit my mood: Tee, ripped jeans & nikes.

I've become a bit of a blogaholic. When you work unreasonable hours like I do, it's hard to find the energy to go out and do fun things! But I do, occasionally.

Jeans - h&m
boxing boots - nike
tee - random shop in brighton
scarfy - h&m
faux leather ('feather'?) jacket - primark


What is the point in living??

When there are incredible clothes like this, that I cant afford. I cant take it!!

The first lot are Luella and the last 5 are Betsey Johnson.

I love Luella & BJ. They satisfy my love for frou frou dresses, strapless dresses, polka dots, bows and nautical.



New Dress

Found this blue polka dot topshop dress in a charity shop for £1 today. It's a size 14 but it fits okay (i'm usually 10-12). I look rather frumpy in the full length pic which is a bit annoying! Alex took it so i'll blame his photography skills rather than contemplate that I might be a bit frumpy. Excuse the bin full of rubbish! We're young & lazy.

The Polo is from H&M, swallow Necklace from H&M and Jazz Shoes from online dance store.

I've had a grueling evening working at the video shop (my second job). It was very busy and I kept snacking on m&ms. Also, I have work at the hotel at 7.30am tomorrow!! So cant even have a late night. Yuck. Weekends suck for me, work-wise.

I'm now going to watch tv with the boyf and try and perk up! Ooh I just remembered, clocks go back tomorrow so extra hour in bed tomorrow night!! That's perked me up a bit. I <3 sleep.

Love xx

Bag clearout!

I finally got round to cleaning out my handbag tonight. To the right of this pic is the shit that i've been carting around! So much junk! Will post tonight's outfit in a mo x


Geek Specs as Hair accessory

For those of you too shy to actually wear geek specs, what about using them as a hair accessory? I say "those of you" but this applies to myself as i am yet to debut my specs in public. Maybe i'll start with them as pictured here, and wean myself onto wearing them on my face. Gem's Spec-Adaptation 2 step programme! I'm sure it'll catch on. Off to work again now. Boo. x
Oh, the shirt is some old mans shirt someone left at the hotel, and the little bodicey boob tube thingy is from H&M. xx

Bum bag

I love my bum bag. Here it is used in place of a belt. Perfect for when I'm drunk because there's no bag to leave behind in a club. Cute AND securitylicious.

Dress is from New Look, Bum bag from Charity shop, and the shoes are from a really skanky cheap shoe shop in town ' Priceless Shoes'. I like them though.

My finest moment!

Here's a pic of me in NEET magazine (www.neetmagazine.com). I love NEET. I look very serious in this pic but I'm not a serious person. Think I was a bit embarrassed about my boyf taking my pic! The dress is my fave. It has cats all over it <3 (You may recognise it from my first post!) I got it in a charity shop (surprise surprise) for 2.50. Tights are from Primark and my lovely wedges are Topshop. Better get back to work once more. x

At work

I'm at work at the hotel today (i'm the receptionist). The dress i'm wearing cost 50p. I got it from one of my town's million charity shops. Its navy blue. I love navy blue. There's not much to do today hence me taking pics of my dress in the ladies room! It's just too easy from my mobile! I'm trying to post as much as poss because i started a blog before and got out of the habit of posting because it was complicated putting pics on the laptop etc, and just stopped. So this phone blogging is perfect for the impatient! Back to work.x


Diy necklace

I made this necklace out of this clay like stuff called Fimo. You shape it then put it in the oven and then put it on a necklace or bit of ribbon etc. I've been meaning to make a big anchor but i never get round to it. I'm enjoying this phone-blogging malarkey. It's very convenient. Almost too convenient... It causes me to post pointless blogs. About my cat for example. She is on my lap now. I would post a pic but in the light of my previous comment i feel i shouldn't! Back to watching tv with roxy and alex now X


Jazz shoes

These are the comfiest shoes ever.bought them a few months back from this online dancewear store for about 5quid!i've always found it hard to find navy blue flats so i was v pleased to find these cuties. As you may have noticed, i operate on a shoe string budget. But i get by okay. One day i'll be a filthy rich stylist and i'll be able to afford topshop clothes! But until then it's ebay, charity shops and DIY. And h&m if i'm feeling frivolous. X

My gorgeous kitty

Her name is roxy. I think she is the reason i love wearing grey things. I am always aspiring to be as pretty as her but will never be! She is in season at the moment so keeps howling and pointing her ass in the air. It's gross. But i still love her. x


Seeing the world through geek tinted specs...

I got these from a 90 yr old man who lived in the hotel i work at.they were old-man-sunglasses but i popped the lenses out and now they are a fine accessory. I haven't found an occasion to wear them yet. Just in the comfort of my flat! x

Going to mum's for pasta

I made the tee out of a xxl shirt and painted my own henry holland-esque slogan on with fabric paint. It reads 'pop punk not pills'. The jeans are my fave,from primark for £12! The wedges are topshop.i adore them.sorry for bad grammar,i'm blogging from my phone.time for america's next top model x

Lovely dress

Found this stunning dress in an age concern charity shop today.£3.50!pic taken in the fitting room over my work outfit due to being in a rush but i think it still looks cute.x


Me and alex

He is my fave accessory x

I hate onions

Here is me in protective headgear as i embark on chopping onions. scarf from h&m, dress from charity shop.